Meet the team

Meet the Moody girl team for Black House Rock!


Ariel "A Kay A" Kayla is a femme black singer, songwriter, actress, short-storywriter, dancer, and choreographer. After graduating from NYU Tisch drama A Kay A joined the Dance Cartel dance company and learned how to disrupt heteronormative and contemporary dance culture with music, comedy, and movement. In 2020 Ariel began writing and recording her own music amongst poets and songwriters online coining the name A Kay A (pronounced AKA) for being known for doing many things. She began performing her music all around the underground music scene in New York city including Headlining with MajorStage at Sound of Brazil, Breaking Sound at Berlin A, and since recording her latest EP: Introducing Me, A Kay A began studying and collaborating with producers from around the world, listening to different House beats and their origins. From this recent obsession, A Kay A collaborated with James Spalding on Black House Rock's first record "I Confess" and later, brought on Brooklyn based producer Skxppy to develop this project.


Music Producer and Coordinator

A Kay A 

Creator, Artist and Choreographer

James Spalding

Music Producer