About Skxppy

Here is a Producer who loves sound. The effects they have on the human psyche, The impulse of movement sounds induces in the body, and the emotions that rushes to the surface when a note, chord, or sound is played. Starting on his music producer journey Skxppy would make songs on a website called “Soundation" on his mother's laptop unfortunately without his moms' permission. Fast forward 5 Years to the age of 18 His hobby began to turn into his life's purpose of creating music that impacts people's emotions in a holistic and inspiring way. With only self-taught music production knowledge Skxppy has been able to produce 3 bodies of work in the Hip-Hop Genre, along with working in charter schools as a Music Mentor to teens in lower income neighborhoods hoping to inspire them to discover their passions. All these accomplishments aside, nothing compares to his main project, his YouTube channel helping to inspire over 300+ producers weekly, helping teach them new skills, or just providing motivational and entertaining content. Who knows what's next in this young music producer's mind to conquer. 

Find His Content on Skxppy.com